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Installation development

We offer a unique variety of paint stripping methods and a high level of flexibility. This means that our technology is faced with tough challenges that cannot be solved with standard installations: all the installations at ABL-TECHNIC are optimised on a continuous basis and the majority of them we developed ourselves.

The reasons for developing installations are many and varied: they must be perfectly tailored to the items to be stripped so that the coating can be removed quickly, thoroughly and economically. What is more, the processes must be as environmentally friendly as possible. It is also important to reduce electricity and gas consumption, thereby lowering operating costs.

Our team of developers generates innovations in this area and constructs test installations. If a solution proves its value, it is deployed in all the ABL-TECHNIC plants worldwide. This means that our customers profit from tailor-made solutions which, while offering high quality, are extremely fast and economical.

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Installation development
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