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Stripping of alternative materials

New materials and coatings are continually being used in industry: carbon coatings, new paints, complex composite components, or chemical-resistant paints – this diversity requires stripping to be highly flexible and to offer new methods. ABL-TECHNIC optimises and develops methods for stripping alternative materials effectively and economically, for example:


With soft-stripping we remove the paint from superior parts made of materials such as aluminium, die-cast zinc, non-ferrous metal or galvanised sheet metal – in a gentle way. This chemical method is environmentally friendly and can be specifically geared to the respective material.

Stripping of coated plastics

Stripping coated plastics requires solvents which remove the paint without attacking the plastic. ABL-TECHNIC currently offers a method for optimised disposal of painted plastics: after stripping, the plastic parts are reduced in size, shredded if required, and can then be further processed.

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