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Disposal of stripping media

At ABL-TECHNIC, we already plan how to dispose of stripping media before we deploy them. On principle, we minimise the use of chemicals which are difficult to break down, and replace these as far as possible with environmentally compatible stripping media. For example, we refrain from using polychlorinated solvents (CHCs) throughout the world. We normally take care of disposal of the stripping media ourselves. This is the only way we can ensure a uniform standard for environmentally friendly disposal worldwide. The following are examples of how we dispose of waste:

Disposal of organic solvents

Organic solvents are used for soft-stripping. The continuous exposure to paint means that the solvent gradually loses its effect and must be changed regularly. The dirty solvent can be disposed of or recycled in various ways:

  • Distillation: Many of our own formulas can be recovered by up to 60% by distillation, and used again. The concentrate occurring during distillation (paint sludge with solvent) is deployed as substitute fuel for power stations because of its high calorific value.
  • Substitute fuels: Solvents which cannot be distilled because of their high boiling points, are passed on to power stations as substitute fuels, thus conserving valuable energy resources.


Disposal of inorganic media (acids)

Thermal methods are used to dispose of acids contaminated with paint. The acid is broken down into its constituent elements at specific temperatures. The solids and paint residue contained in the acid burn to CO² and water, leaving virtually no residue.

Using cooling, distillation and special downstream processes, the constituent elements in the exhaust gas are either reunited to produce new acid, or separated from one another and used as a product (e.g. SO² gas) directly. In this way, a recycling loop is created, in which virtually everything can be redeployed. The amount of waste which needs to be stored is thus reduced to an absolute minimum at ABL-TECHNIC.

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