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ABL – Technic Group transfers hook / hanger production to CZ republic


In January 2016, ABL Pardubice plant received two bending machines. These two bending machines are dedicated to hook / hanger production. Both equipments were transferred from ABL Italy and set up into a separated but connected hall. 

One of the two assets is a CNC machine. This type of equipment allows to produce particular designs of hooks with a high level of quality. The machine can be programmed in order to produce 3D bending for example. The second equipment is an automated machine that is meant to be producing larger series. This machine does not offer the flexibility of the first one but allows to produce fast and high quality simpler design. The association of both equipments brings a full range of capabilities.

Thanks to these machines ABL Technic is able to offer another complementary service to its customers but also to its partner EPSI. Many customers are facing the challenge of resource management and therefore having one contact for hanger / hook procurement and cleaning will help them to streamline their resources.  

It will also help ABL-Technic to develop the relationship and the business alongside our partner EPSI, ABL is able to offer them a competitive and flexible solution for the production of certain products. This will improve the synergies between both companies. 

Today the customers are mainly in Italy due to the history of the development of the sales activities. The customers have shown interest for the quality and the price offered by the new machine owner.

Lately and thanks to the good communication between the different operations the production of hooks of ABL Pardubice has been nominated for a prize for the Dutch market. ABL Pardubice is now positioned to deliver all over Europe for any ABL-Technic Group customers.

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