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ABL-QIS celebrates its first anniversary in Mexico


Together with its local partner QIS the ABL-TECHNIC launched a new plant in Puebla, Mexico in July 2015. Along with an excellent Project team preparation and a strong relationship with Volkswagen in Puebla - the transfer of all services of the world wide second biggest VW Plant was realized within one weekend in 2015. The launch is now almost one year ago and the ABL-QIS has developed into a role model site.

The 3,000 m² plant is equipped with several Pyrolysis ovens that are connected together with an automated transfer station and a shotblast unit. 16 employees from administration and production managed by Juan Pablo Pasten Garcia stripped several thousand tons of material for VW and the local suppliers in the last year.

The plant in Puebla is a benchmark location for the ABL Group since the operation excellence system has been implemented from the very beginning of the project and the capacity and layout planning has been thought with the lean manufacturing principles. Due to a very detailed plan the start-up has been flawless.

We are pleased about this successful launch and wish the ABL-QIS a very successful future.


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