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ABL-TECHNIC cleans heat exchanger for the chemical industry


With the thermal and chemical cleaning if heat exchanger the ABL-TECHNIC Group offers an additional service for all types of industry. The heat exchanger to be cleaned can achieve a weight of 5-30 tons and a length of 4-8 metres. During the producing and processing of plastics preliminary products cling to them, for example. Not only the size of the pyrolysis ovens is relevant, most of all it’s the material-protecting treatment is the crucial factor for the successful cleaning. Through a program-controlled temperature curve and a subsequent high pressure flushing (1400 bar) the cleaning takes up to several days – depending on the degree of dirt.

By the worldwide availability of huge pyrolysis installations and chemical facilities the ABL-TECHNIC Group is able to clean amongst others tube bundle heat exchanger, plate heat exchanger, tube evaporators and spiral heat exchanger. Through this availability of such huge pyrolysis ovens at numerous sites of the ABL-TECHNIC Group a simultaneous treatment of multiple and structurally identical heat exchangers is possible.

This cleaning process is particularly interesting for companies of the chemical, plastics manufacturing and processing industries as well as the paper and pulp industries.

The ABL-TECHNIC Group is pleased about the successful implementation of this process and is optimistic about the further development of this business field.

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