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ABL–Technic expands its new site at Maniago, Italy


The ABL - Technic Group expands its capacity by combining the subsidiaries Nirove and Ecoservice at its new site in Maniago, Italy in June 2016. This created a common site with chemical and thermal paint stripping methods and the additional capacity is an important step for the future development.

In 2015 Nirove S.r.l. already moved from Felonica to the 250 km away Maniago. The relocation of Ecoservice S.r.l. from Fanna to the new site took place from June 8 to June 17, 2016. The common site in Maniago means a surface increase of 25% in each case and therefore opens up new possibilities for future growth.

The ABL-Technic wishes Gernot Bogensberger (plant manager of Nirove and Ecoservice) and his team all the best and continued success in Maniago.


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